Bo Biennale / Bochum Drawings / Bart Lodewikjs

As part of the first networking of the three Bochum art institutions adhocraum, galerie januar and Kunstverein Bochum, the Dutch artist Bart Lodewijks has been invited to interact in public space with the local architectural and social conditions in order to realize a graphic and performative work: From June 13, 2019 to June 23, 2019, he will make chalk drawings at various locations in the inner city area of ​​Bochum.

Lodewijk's works come into being through urban and private space, but above all with the people he meets on site. When Lodewijks starts his abstract drawings with chalk on the street, the focus is on direct contact with passers-by, residents and curious people as an elementary part of his way of working, as is chalk drawing as such. Lodewijks is not afraid to take on spontaneous influences that are brought to him from the outside in order to then find his way back to a clear idea and the location.
The fact that Lodewijks works in public space makes it possible to cast a spell on both prepared visitors and uninitiated passers-by. Bart Lodewijk's artistic examination of public space and its architectural and social structures is to be understood in its specific reaction to the respective location as art in public space, as spatial design in the best sense of the word.

An internet-based platform in the form of a kind of diary by the artist informs about the progress of the project and encourages interaction, because tracking the work process on the internet should also be understood as a suggestion to visit Bart Lodewijks or his drawings in the city and thus become part of the work to become. The platform existed beyond the project period and is therefore to be understood as an artistic component of the work as well as a documentary certificate. The 10 days of Bochum Drawings, are published in digital documentary by Roma Publications.

During the 10 days of the Bo Biennale, Bart Lodowijks published a text and pictures of his work in Bochum daily under the following link: instagram