Kunstverein Bochum / Jan Köchermann / Fragment Weltgetriebe Dorf

An exibithion in cooperation with the Kunstverein Bochum
One artist, two spaces, one work

images from part at : adhoc

For Bochum, the sculptor and installation artist Jan Köchermann has designed a work entitled Fragment Weltgetriebe Dorf, which connects the Kunstverein with the content of the adhoc space. Through the spatial installation, the specific properties of the different locations are strengthened and linked in terms of content. In the Kunstverein Bochum, for example, collection pieces are shown in a room-in-room installation in showcases, which refer to the other showcases in the house in a playful, ironic way. The viewer experiences refraiming when he enters the other part of the exhibition, the adhoc room, with these impressions. Now you become part of the exhibition display and find confirmation that the color RAL 8001 must have a special meaning. text: Kunstverein Bochum